CDI offers a range of award-winning aerator models, foaming agent and additional accessory enhancements for your specific production needs. From portable units for on-the-job projects to Ready Mix mounted units for large productions, the Stable Air® system provides provides mix designs to meet your requirements for strength, weight and r-value. All Stable Air models are:

  • Easy to Operate: User-friendly interface
  • Reliable: Quality USA handcrafted equipment
  • Predictable: Precise air percentage on demand

In addition, certain models offer additional benefits such as remote operation, portability, and customization. Please refer to the chart below for detailed model descriptions and specifications. For pricing quotes, please call (855) 234-5350.

m100 m200 m300
Model M100 (10cfm) M200 Mobile Truck Unit (14cfm) M300 Batch Plant Unit (30cfm)
Description Suitable for use in laboraties and smaller production sites, the M100 has a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to backfill, precast, roofing/flooring, cladding, decorative, annular fill, in-line pumping and grouting, sound insulation and soil correction. Designed for construction sites and remote locations, the M200 is best for entraining concrete on a job site rather than a batch plant. It can be coupled with a 15cfm air compressor to become completely self-contained with the only on-site requirement of a 40-60 psi water pressure source. Custom designed unit for a permanent, fixed installation at a precast or ready mix concrete batch plant. This heavy duty large production model is designed for use by medium and large sized concrete precast, pre-stressed and ready mix producers. With an electric power source, the water and compressor are connected to the plant supply with controls in the operators control center.
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